About Us

BSC is a Business and Strategy consulting firm that specializes in the dental and medical device industry

  • Our Mission:
    understand, assess and fulfill our customers’ needs.
  • Our Vision:
    : Establish leadership in Business and Strategy Consulting for the dental and medical device industry.

Our history

BSC started as an operations and CAD/CAM technological consulting firm, specializing in digital dentistry and technological innovations. Helping customers transition to the digital era in the dental industry. Giving them assessment and turnkey solutions.

Over time we saw that many companies that entered the technological revolution did not have a clear strategy on how to achieve a path to profitability. Transitioning from a technology consulting firm to a business strategy firm. Due to the needs of the market.

Adding Value

Our compromise is to add value to your business, through

  • Innovative business Strategy
  • Differentiation through technology
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Information Technology
  • Process Reengineering
  • Lean manufacturing


  • Extensive business expertise
  • Profound strategy intelligence
  • Powerful industry background
  • In-depth understanding of Information technology
  • Process reengineering background
  • Over 10 years of implementation and execution of projects